Our Philosophy

At Northeast Functional Medicine, we believe that each individual is a unique combination of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements.

We believe that all people are “hard-wired” to be healthy and that many of us will encounter obstacles during our lives that will derail us and lead to a state of “unwellness”. These obstacles are extremely varied; they can range from genetic anomalies to car accidents to infectious agents to toxic exposures, emotionally traumatic events and spiritual crises, to name just a few. If we are confronted with enough of these stumbling blocks, our health deteriorates and we cross a threshold, which prevents us from returning to state of health.

Untangling this complicated web of interacting impairments is our task at Northeast Functional Medicine. As you might expect, this can’t be done in the traditional 10-minute medical appointment. Rather, it requires a probing inquiry into the totality of our patients’ story in an attempt to uncover the underlying causes and reasons for illness. In the process, it is necessary to form a true patient-centered partnership; a relationship grounded in respect for the patients’ experience, knowledge and willingness to commit themselves to their own healing process.

Specialized and individualized tests and interpretation are then used to target what is dysfunctional in order to design a treatment plan that will address the patient’s condition. Treatment is varied and might include nutritional counseling, detoxification, oral herbal/nutritional supplements and medications, as well as immune and digestive system support and hormonal therapies.

Return visits are scheduled at appropriate intervals to adjust, augment and change treatment according to the patient’s circumstances. Every effort is made by the staff at Northeast Functional Medicine to ask the question, “What can I do that is most helpful for this person today”?