Probiota HistaminX

Probiota HistaminX

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Seeking Health 60 Vegcaps

ProBiota HistaminX contains probiotic species that have been carefully selected to exclude those that are known to increase histamine in the gut. The histamine-friendly species included in this formula are delivered in a delayed release (acid resistant) capsule to ensure that the probiotics are delivered intact to the lower digestive tract. This formula helps to support the body’s microbiome and healthy digestion, and may help support healthy metabolism of ingested histamine.*

Key Benefits and Actions*

• May help support the gut’s healthy response to ingested histamine*
• May help support a healthy immune system*
• Supports the gut microbiome*
• Acid-resistant capsules for targeted delivery to the gut


Take one capsule any time of day with or without food or as directed by your healthcare professional.